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Alluvial Pink Garnet SGA30/60

Garnet is a kind of natural chemical inert non-metallic mineral. Because of its hardness, high density, non-toxic, low dust and other characteristics, it is often widely used in industrial sandblasting, including oil & gas pipeline, ship hull, bridges, steel rust removal, etc.
  • SGA30/60

  • 25132000

Alluvial Pink Garnet SGA30/60 is produced by repeated collision and friction under the action of water for a long time in a natural state. Its surface has a certain smoothness and less dust in blasting.

River garnet has a lower salt and chlorine content. Alluvial garnet used for sandblasting can produce ideal angular rough surface on the cleaned metal surface, which can significantly enhance the adhesion of the corrosion protection coating and the metal surface, improve the bonding performance of the coating and the metal surface.

Due to its high density with stronger impact force, garnet can better clean the metal surface. It also can be reusable and is an ideal substitute for other sand blasting media.

Chemical Composition & Physical Property

SiO2 35.72% Bulk Density 2.0-2.5 g/cm3
Al2O3 24.48% Specific Gravity 4.1-4.2 g/cm3
FeO+Fe2O3 28.22% Hardness 7.5-8.0 Mohs
MgO 6.71%

Common size (mesh):

20/40, 30/60...

TiO2 1.14%
MnO 0.43%


-Lower consumption rate, Lower soluble salts and chlorine content.

-Uniform particle size distribution, no stuck in nozzle.

-Effective in removing light and moderate coatings and rust.

-Less dust and no-toxic, more safe to operators.



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