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Alluvial Pink Garnet SGA120

Garnet is a kind of natural chemical inert non-metallic mineral. Because of its high hardness, high cutting surface and durability, it is often used in waterjet cutting machines as an efficient and environmentally friendly abrasive additive to improve cutting efficiency.
  • SGA120

  • 25132000

Alluvial Pink Garnet SGA120 is produced by repeated collision and friction under the action of water for a long time in a natural state. Its surface has a certain smoothness which can keep the cutting surface more smooth, more suitable for waterjet cutting.

High quality alluvial garnet does not contain any fracture lines that weaken the inherent garnet particles after crushing in use. Especially in terms of equipment wear, it also reduces damage to the cutting head nozzle and focusing tube. This will directly transfer to cost-savings and longer service life.

Garnet 120 mesh can meet the needs of more customers for water cutting machines. Its good distribution of particle size, density and durability together creates the best cutting efficiency, lowest consumption and highest productivity rates of garnet.

Chemical Composition & Physical Property

SiO233.10%Bulk Density2.0-2.4 g/cm3
Al2O326.80%Specific Gravity4.1-4.2 g/cm3
FeO+Fe2O330.90%Hardness7.5-8.0 Mohs

Common size:

20/40, 30/60, 80, 100, 120...



-Uniform particle distribution, no stuck in nozzle.

-Smoother cutting surface, lower soluble salts and chlorine content.

-Suitable for cutting finer and softer materials.

-Faster cutting speed, excellent cutting accuracy and material forming rate.


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